Neem oil is very good for hair and good for our skin because it contains vitamin E and fatty acids so if any of you have skin problems, hair problems then you can use this oil.

Benefits Of Neem Leaves

Neem leaves protect against brain problems and skin as neem leaves protect against bacterial and fungal attack that is why neem leaves are very beneficial for our body.

If your skin color is dark, then you should mix neem leaves and turmeric paste together and apply it well and wash it off after five minutes, your skin color will be completely clear.

You wake up every morning and find that your cheeks are not smelling and your teeth are having problems, so brush your teeth with neem leaves and see if you get benefit in a few days.

If you ever fall and get cut somewhere then you can apply neem leaf juice instead of medicine and it will work like medicine.

If you don't buy face powder from the store, dry neem leaves well at home, make a paste and put it in a coat and apply it as face powder.

 If you have itchy skin then you should apply neem leaf juice well all over your body every day and slowly you will see that itchiness will be cured.

If your body is not smelly, it has been smelly for a long time, then you grind neem leaves into a paste and apply it all over your body and see that you have no smell.

Not only on your hair, but if there is any problem on your body in any place, then you can apply Neem leaves well and you will get great benefits.

Regularly if you can drink neem leaf juice every day then you will get rid of worms or get rid of constipation liver problems will get rid of some toxic harmful substances in the body.